Jennings, Global Thermoelectrical Inc. & Don Ltd

JENNINGS INDUSTRIAL GROUP (UK) produces cathodic protection material and plants for land and marine applications. In particular it manufactures high quality anodes constituted of iron-silicon and iron-silicon-magnesium, both die casted and fused-centrifuged.
GLOBAL THERMOELECTRICAL INC. (Canada) produces no-maintenance thermoelectric generators for land and marine structures. It deals with issues concerning electricity power provision for remote applications such as marine platforms, telecommunication systems, etc…
logostart Scientific-and-production enterprise Don Ltd. is engineering company and supplier of the cathodic protection equipment. The staff of our enterprise have twenty years of development and manufacture experience of the CP equipment and successfully applies it in the own work. Since 2000 manufacture was transfered to electromechanical plant Donskaya korona Ltd. (Bataysk, Rostov region) for centralization of manufacture and providing high quality of the equipment.